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Enjoy the Long-Term Benefits of Solar for Your Home or Business


Our solar sales team is honored to help you explore the best solar and/or battery options for your home and business. There are lots of important details and nuances to every solar project, so you will be guided through every part of your project by our friendly and trustworthy team for everything from your install contracts, incentives, financing, interconnection agreements, permits, installation, inspections, solar activation, and warranties. We’re honored to be your trusted solar educators, installers, and service partners for the full duration of your solar project.

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If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of solar energy, our Solar Academy event is tailored for you. This seminar is purely educational, so please feel welcome to attend without any sales pressure. To register, click the link provided below.

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Solar Net Metering Explained

What is Net Metering
How Net Metering Works
How Net Metering Impacts You
How to Find Net Metering On Your Bill
How Net Metering is Changing in 2024

Common FAQs

Will my roof leak with solar installation?

Understandably, you may concerned about leaks anytime your roof is being penetrated. That’s why our 360 installers only use the most superior mounting attachments that offer optimal waterproofing and long-term seal integrity while preserving the integrity of your roofing as much as possible. Also, qualified solar projects from 360 Electric come with a 30-year roof-penetration extended warranty.

How long does solar last?

Solar installations have a 25-year lifetime. Over time, the panels degrade in their production, so after 25 years most solar panels will only produce 85% of the energy they produced in their first year. While many solar components have 25- or 30-year warranties, after 25 years most customers will benefit from upgrading their system to the latest clean energy technology.

Is solar a sound financial investment?

This of course depends on multiple factors, including the energy-producing potential of your array site, your personal tax situation, how long you plan to own your property, the present condition of your roof, and the number of incentives/rebates that your project qualifies for. Solar isn’t right for everyone, but it’s not uncommon for our customers to experience between a 10-15% annual average return on investment for the 25-year life of their solar system.

Should I expect high-pressure sales tactics that seem to come with the solar industry?

We despise high-pressure sales tactics as much as anyone. Our solar sales team approaches every conversation as an educator because we believe that if we educate you well, you will make the best decision for you and your own family. Contrary to common industry practices, our sales professionals are not compensated by commissions so you can explore all your solar options without feeling any pressure. At 360, we are proud of the character and honesty that our customers have expected from us from the beginning, and we are honored to bring the highest level of transparency, integrity, and family values to every solar conversation.

We provide our clients with a wide range of contracting services at competitive market rates.

If you're looking for a certified expert for your next project, please get in touch today.
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